Terms & Conditions

1.    The following definitions apply from henceforth.  The Client refers to other party who has commissioned the services of AdCredo.  AdCredo is the contractor, with offices based in Hoofddorp.  A Service is the order of work carried out by AdCredo on behalf of the Client, as mutually agreed between the AdCredo and the Client.
2.    These Terms and Conditions apply to all work carried out by AdCredo in agreement between the Client and AdCredo.  Stipulations that differ from these conditions must otherwise be confirmed to the Client explicitly in writing.
3.    When necessary AdCredo may engage the services of third parties, in which case the AdCredo will consult the Client as much as possible for agreement, and AdCredo will endeavor to take due care when selecting appropriate third party services.
4.    The Client is obliged to provide in the time specified by AdCredo, and no later than 2 weeks before a given deadline, all necessary documentation and data required in the view of AdCredo for the correct implementation of a Service.  Any delay in the completion of a Service due to the failure to provide, provide on time, or provide properly the required documentation and data, are for account of the Client.  Subsequent implications here of, are therefore also for the account of the Client and AdCredo cannot be held liable for the resulting damages.
5.    AdCredo will expressly observe due secrecy on behalf of the Client with respect to third parties.  With express permission from the Client, AdCredo is only entitled to use information provided by the Client, often with third parties, to complete a Service as agreed between AdCredo and the Client.
6.    Without written permission from AdCredo, the Client may not publicise advice, opinions, physical documentation and website components to third parties.
7.    The cost of a Service provided by AdCredo, shall be made clear to the Client by AdCredo before work on the Service is performed.  Where third parties are involved, and the fee is not known, AdCredo will expressly inform the Client beforehand.
8.    The Client must make full payment within the agreed period, but no later than 14 days after the invoice date.  Payments must be made in Euros to the account designated on the invoice.  AdCredo will send at least one reminder to complete a payment.  Objections concerning an invoice must be communicated to FitFirst in writing within 10 days of the invoice date, otherwise the invoice shall be considered accepted.  All legal costs incurred by AdCredo resulting from the failure of a Client to pay shall be for the account of the Client.
9.    AdCredo will carry out all Services to the best of its ability, to a standard that can be expected of AdCredo .  In the unlikely event that the Client experiences damages incurred by the error of Adcredo, then AdCredo will be liable for said damages.  AdCredo accepts liability to at most the fee charged to the Client for the Service in which the damage claim concerns.  Under no circumstances shall the amount paid to the Client exceed the amount paid by the liability insurer of AdCredo.  Any such claim can only be made within one calendar year of the completion of a Service.
10.    In a legal relationship between the Client and AdCredo, any legal dispute is bound and subject to Dutch law.  These Terms and Conditions were drawn up on the 08th March 2012 in Dutch, English and Polish.  The Dutch version is binding.